BIM to Site

The power of information on the palm of your hands is almost unlimited. The uses from a computer to facilitate the works onsite are almost unlimited and go from prefabrication until GPS oriented applications to reduce rework and improve the workflows.

TechRoom works with the major brands on the market and follows the state-of-the-art equipment available to improve your efficiency and precision.

Your BIM model is alive in your computer, a few steps from the site. As an example, define coordinates from your model to site and install parts in advance, avoiding reworks later. Have you thought about installing your hangers on slab from top, knowing exactly where each hanger will be positioned?

Each project has its own particularities so let us know more about yours.

BIM Kiosk on Site

VR BIM models on Site

AR BIM models on Site

MR BIM models on Site

Smart system for direct VR control