Facilities Management

Through years of experience, TechRoom knows as construction nears completion, a drop in the level of attention to detail regarding documentation occurs. Owners often receive disconnected documents, specifications, and/or equipment manuals; additionally, they receive semi-accurate construction documents and electronic models to which the documents pertain. This information is then processed to various degrees of effectiveness and placed into a system used for Facility Management. Not surprisingly, many of these models are electronic versions of completely disjointed information. As a result, BIM fails to deliver as intended.

Implementing an effective maintenance and inspection system is essential for the safety, reliability and sustainability of your facilities. We offer you a comprehensive range of facilities management and inspection services throughout the life of your building, infrastructure or industrial plant.

We can help you to establish an appropriate maintenance programme and provide expert advice to help you optimize your processes. Plus, we can help you manage regular inspections and identify concealed damage in any installed equipment or system, enhancing continuity and reliability.

To discuss how our facilities management and inspection services can help you ensure the availability, safety and reliability of the your assets, contact to us today.

Analysis of a project in terms of its assumptive performance

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