BIM Implementation

We believe that only a strategic approach to BIM implementation guarantees a successful evolution for AEC businesses.

Our primary purpose is to create an exclusive BIM identity for every client that we work with because we know that every project is unique and have different requirements.

We have 2 types of BIM Implementation services:

Project based BIM Implementation - This is a process that focuses on specific projects that are required to implement BIM immediately either at the beginning of the project or during a specific phase. By focusing on a project-based process, we are able to look closely at the project requirements by analyzing the current workflows and deliverables in order to create best practices approaches for the team to work efficiently and effectively.

Company based BIM Implementation - We identify and analyze the company's current set-up, technological abilities and resources capacities through various assessment criteria and discovery sessions. Once the specific objectives and goals are established, we then create customized solutions such as execution plans, standards, guidelines and allocation of proper resources to maximize profit and minimize operation costs long-term.

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Workflow analysis

BIM Standards

Implementation strategy

Technology analysis

Resources analysis


Best practices approaches