Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)

The concept of 3D representations of construction is the utilization of industrialized workflows for the delivery of information to construction site.

BIM is to mainstream information from concept to Facilities Management, and has much more to offer than a 3D model with geometric information. It represents an enriched trustworthy data source for all project stakeholders and ensures efficient In data collection and data illustration.

BIM allows for data utilization for diverse requirements of any project ranging from energy modeling, urban design enhancements, BOQ generation, Clash Prevention, Sheet generation and overall augmentations of design whilst carrying all data collected through the process for the Facility operators to better maintain the assets through its lifecycle.

A further step to VDC is to allocate your BIM partners that have sound knowledge and certified engineers. As it would be much more efficient for the BIM team to represent the issues with a solution. This is what makes us better and more reliable.

With a VDC portfolio of more than 2 Million sq.m. of projects completed, TechRoom has engaged in diverse types of projects with uniform and non-uniform shapes. Application of engineering and value engineering services while utilizing state-of-the-art technology, is how we see BIM bringing most effective results to our clients.

3D Modelling and Engineering Services

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